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RPVI ™ Exam Review Course and Examination Preparation

RPVI ™ Exam Preparation

The RPVI ™ exam is offered by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) to determine competency in vascular interpretation.  The SVS, in collaboration with the Society for Vascular Ultrasound (SVU) and Pegasus Lectures, offers RPVI Exam Review Courses, RPVI Exam Online Review eCourses, and patented RPVI Exam Simulation preparation.  Click on the appropriate link below (Note you will be automatically redirected to the Pegasus website for all RPVI products.)

RPVI Seminars, eCourses, Exam Simulation CD, Physics, and Packages

About The RPVI ™ Exam

The RPVI exam is a four hour, computer-based exam offered year round by the ARDMS.  Once you submit all information to meet exam eligibility requirements, you will be given information to schedule your exam within a 90 day window at any of the Pearson VUE testing centers around the world.  The published content outline and percentages for the RPVI exam are as follows:

Instrumentation and Ultrasound Physics 12-18%
Quality Assurance (Stats & Bioeffects) 2-8%
Extracranial Cerebrovascular 22-28%
Intracranial Cerebrovascular 1-4%
Peripheral Venous (UE and LE) 17-23%
Peripheral Arterial (UE and LE) 12-18%
Visceral Vascular 7-13%
Special Testing 5-11%

*Note: Reports from examinees indicate that the percentage of physics questions generally exceeds the percentage published on the content outline.

RPVI ™ Packages

Because of the comprehensive nature of the RPVI exam, many physicians purchase an RPVI package to assist in their exam preparation.  By purchasing materials in a package, significant discounts are realized.  To qualify for the VIP pricing you must have attended a Pegasus Lectures’ seminar or an SVU RPVI seminar.  (Note you will be automatically redirected to the Pegasus Lectures website when selecting any of the RPVI packages listed below.)


Did you know?  

Beginning in 2014, the Vascular Surgery Board of the American Board of Surgery (VSB-ABS) will require all physicians applying for the Vascular Surgery Qualifying Exam to hold the RPVI credential.

RPVI Package 1 RPVI ™ Package 1: Basic Package
  • RPVI ™ eCourse
  • RPVI ™ Exam Sim CD

Retail: $949.90 (savings of $90)
VIP: $939.90 (savings of $100)
Fellow: $684.90 (savings of $355)


RPVI Package 1 RPVI ™ Package 2: ***Best Value***
  • RPVI ™ eCourse
  • RPVI ™ Exam Sim CD
  • Essentials of Physics: The Board Review book

Retail: $998.90 (savings of $181)
VIP: $986.90 (savings of $193)
Fellow: $744.90 (savings of $435)


RPVI Package 1 RPVI ™ Package 3
  • RPVI ™ Exam Sim CD
  • Essentials of Physics: The Board Review Book
  • Unifying Physics Review DVD

Retail: $484.90 (savings of $95)
VIP: $459.90 (savings of $120)
Fellow: $374.90 (savings of $205)


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